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"Carter passed away in 2013 at the age of four from Cancer.
"Carter" came to us at six months old from Georgia,
he is named after the owner of his sire Keith Carter.
Carter has a very famous father MBIS/MBISS Carter's Noble Shaka Zulu.
Shaka was the only Rottweiler to win the group
at the Westminister Dog Show, and has broken every record set by a Rottweiler in the USA.
His mom being Ch.Alesia Pod Borinou,
she has an outstanding pedigree and we are very lucky to have Carter.
All I can say about this young male is he never fails to make me smile.
His mind is going a hundred miles an hour and he constantly scans to see what he can get into.
He has taken a phone, gloves, shoes, lighters, tools anything within reach.
Being super intelegent I don't think a moment goes by without him thinking of something to do.
And he looks at you so innocent like what are you talking about???
Who me, I'm a good boy! You must be mistaken,ask the girls!
We adore his temperment he is just one of those very colorful characters
one cannot live without.
One amazing dog he sailed through his championship handled by Carol O'Callaghan.
Now is staying home for a while to grow up.
Carter has received confirmation from OVC 0041197
That he is clear of any hip or elbow dysplasia.
His heart is also normal OFA WS25603302. Also his eyes CERF # R0-6766/2009-13/

Way to go Mr. Carter, this pic was taken in Feb.2012 for a big guy he can really fly.

December of 2011 Mr. Carter

April 15th.2011 Mr. Carter who was born Jan. 15 2008 has matured into quite a nice boy at 135 lbs.
he is quite a stocky boy. As you will see in the following pictures.

These pictures below taken March 2010.

Carter on the move at the Dog Show.

This puppy is a very special boy. Carter at seven months.

Carter his first winter in Canada enjoying the outdoors he is with his friend Meatloaf.

What a handsome young male you are Mr. Carter

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